A Princess of Greater Helium

by James D. Bozarth
Series: Barsoom fan fiction
Reviewed date: 2011 May 9
134 pages
cover art

In the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale of Barsoom, John Carter arrives on Mars after he falls asleep in a cave after being chased by Apaches. In this piece of fan fiction by James D. Bozarth, that same cave transports another Earthman to Mars: an Apache whose sister John Carter killed with a bullet tracks Carter to that cave to avenge his loss. Instead, he is transported to Mars. His adventures on Mars mirror the classic Burroughs tale: he spends most of his time fighting for his life, sneaking through secret passageways, rescuing princesses in distress, and making lifelong friends--all while upholding a Victorian sense of honor and propriety. It's a great Burroughs adventure.

The big secret, of course, is that the hero of this story falls in love with a young Barsoomian princess who just happens to be the granddaughter of his sworn enemy John Carter. But by the time he meets John Carter and discovers the unpleasant truth, he has completely forgiven Carter for killing his sister back on Earth. He marries John Carter's granddaughter (My princess! My chieftain!) and lives happily ever after.

A Princess of Greater Helium is available online: you can read it at Tangor's Pastiche and Fan Fiction.

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