Eight O'Clock Tales

by Enid Blyton
Reviewed date: 2010 Oct 19
154 pages
cover art

Eight O'Clock Tales is a book of cute, rather childish tales about toys and brownies and pixies and such. A common theme is rudeness and impoliteness, and how such behavior is boorish. Those who are rude or impolite always get their comeuppance, realize the error of their ways, and make a change for the better. I liked the book well enough, but there's nothing special about the stories.

  • The Good Turn: Little Billy does someone a good turn and says to "pass it on," and eventually the good turn comes back around to him.
  • The Boy Who Heard Too Much: Harold likes to eavesdrop until Mother Two-Shoes catches him listening outside her window and makes his ears grow big like a donkey.
  • The Skittle-Policeman: Angela throws away her skittle policeman, and he is rescued and fixed up by a brownie and a pixie who take him to live in Toytown.
  • Tick-Tock's Tea-Party: Tick-Tock the brownie takes liberties with his master's magic to have a magic tea party with his friends, but he can't make the teapot stop pouring tea, or cakes from appearing on the plates.
  • The Runaway Donkey: Kick-up, a mean irritable donkey, runs away from his master to teach him a lesson--but it is Kick-up that learns a lesson.
  • The Surprise Party: All the toys in the nursery plan a surprise party to cheer up the brown teddy bear.
  • The Enchanted Doll: Mollie loses her doll Angela in the woods, and finds her with Mother Dimity, who enchants Angela into a living doll.
  • When the Toys Came Alive: Gwen and Peter abuse their toys, so when the tables are turned and the children shrink down to toy-size, the toys determine to get their revenge.
  • The Brownie Who Pulled Faces: Twisty the brownie pulls the most horrid faces, until the wind changes and his face gets stuck.
  • All the Way To Toytown: Roger pedals his toy motorcar into the woods, and gives a doll a lift to Toytown.
  • Poor Old Scarecrow!: An ugly, turnip-headed scarecrow overhears a plot to kidnap the Princess Peronel.

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