The Key to the Indian

by Lynne Reid Banks
Series: Indian in the Cupboard 5
Reviewed date: 2020 Oct 14
275 pages
cover art

The final Indian in the Cupboard book is a mess. It starts with a bizarre trip to India, then a trip back to Little Bear's time where Omri gets to witness genocidal white settlers massacre the tribe. Omri in particular witnesses the savage murder of two defenseless Indian women at the hands of settler men. I'm not sure what persuaded Lynne Reid Banks to take a beloved children's classic and write a sequel that focuses on genocide and murder. Is she atoning for white colonial guilt?

Then the book finishes up with a slapstick adventure where Boone and Ruby Lou escape from a cat by jumping down the bathtub drainpipe and end up in the septic tank.

So on the one hand, genocide. On the other, hilarious poop jokes.

This one needed a good editor and a rewrite.

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