The Regiments of Night

by Brian N. Ball
Reviewed date: 2005 Oct 6
Rating: 2
188 pages
cover art

A thousand years ago Earth was bombed into a radioactive wasteland. Earth is now only visited by tourists and the odd archaeologist. One group of tourists to Earth accidentally uncovers the fabled Hidden Fortress that houses the robots of the Regiments of Night: that final element of the Black Army that was to march forth from Earth and utterly destroy the enemies of the Confederation.

Our tourist heroes must stop the robot army from marching out and destroying all human civilization. To do this they must reason with the master computers of the Hidden Fortress and convince them not to send forth the army. But the computers are clever and not easily fooled.

There isn't much science in this purportedly science fiction story. It's just a poorly-written horror story. There is no way to recommend this novel.

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