by A. A. Attanasio
Series: Radix Tetrad 1
Reviewed date: 2019 Jul 13
Rating: 1
384 pages
cover art

The main character is unlikeable. He's a socially mal-adjusted young man who despises his mother (but still lives with her and lets her pay for everything), hates women, hates the government, hates the society in which he is a high-class privileged member, and spends all his time alone on the computer. Oh, and occasionally goes on murdering sprees. He hasn't been caught yet.

So it appears Sumner was abused and neglected as a kid. He started his murder sprees at age 10, after his father died. I wonder if the years are longer than our years, because I have a hard time believing even a precocious ten-year-old could plan and carry out a murder plot that good and get away with it.

The reviewers seem think this is a masterpiece of imagination, but I suspect they are confusing vulgarity and obscenity with artistry and creativity. I could be wrong, but I'm nearly a quarter of the way in and it's just one sickening scene after another.

It's not the book for me. I quit.

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