Asimov's Science Fiction, January 2008

Reviewed date: 2010 Jan 4
144 pages
cover art

There is nothing compelling in this issue other than the third installment of Galaxy Blues.

  • Serial: Galaxy Blues: The Fool's Errand (Part 3 of 4), by Allen M. Steele - Jules and the crew meet the aliens, who pull a fast one over on them.
  • Novelette: The Perfect Wave, by Rudy Rucker and Marc Laidlaw - Surreal, surfer bum story about a virtual reality surf game that apparently does something weird and swallows up the whole world.
  • Novelette: Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders, by Michael Resnick - Two old friends, Silver and Gold, search for an old magic shop where they met as kids.
  • Novelette: The Beautiful and Damned, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, by Tanith Lee - A plague strikes humanity, and while some cities are ravaged, others try to escape by enclosing the city in a dome. The plague makes people younger and healthier while they live, but is 100% fatal. Only our hero is immune--his terminal cancer wards off the infection.
  • The Whale's Lover, by Deborah Coates - Tish searches for herself and hunts the great whale.
  • Unlikely, by Will McIntosh - A statistician uncovers a startling fact: when two particular individuals spend time in close proximity, the city's accident rate goes down.

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