Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2007

Reviewed date: 2009 Nov 4
144 pages
cover art

The August 2007 issue of Asimov's has the worst cover art I've ever seen. I want to retch. The stories are average, except Hormiga Canyon, which is rotten. Teacher's Lounge is meant to be funny, but it's not.

  • Novelette: Hormiga Canyon, by Rudy Rucker & Bruce Sterling - Two hippies from Los Angeles follow an ant trail into a crack in the fabric of space, where time travels slower and things change size.
  • Novelette: The Bridge, by Kathleen Ann Goonan - A oldfashioned hardboiled detective in a bio-nanotechnology world investigates the alleged murder of two artificial people--who may actually be real people.
  • Novelette: The Mists of Time, by Tom Purdom - A time travel expedition to see a British warship capture a slaver turns into a struggle between the financier--whose hero is the British captain--and the film-maker, who thinks the British are no better than the slave traders.
  • Dead Horse Point, by Daryl Gregory - Venya gets a call from Julia, her college roommate who is prone to spells of total concentration, where she is unable to snap back into the real world.
  • Teacher's Lounge, by Tim McDaniel - ESL teachers discuss the problems they're having with teaching aliens English, and one teacher shares his crackpot theory that the aliens intend to conquer Earth--as soon as they learn enough English to effectively rule humanity.
  • Prodigal, by Justin Stanchfield - A daughter and her estranged father meet on a space station orbiting Earth; they are immortal due to treatments given to space pilots, and their sister/daughter is dying of old age back on Earth.
  • Thank You, Mr. Whiskers, by Jack Skillingstead - A senile old woman imagines having a cat, imagines having a different life where she grows young again.

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