Asimov's Science Fiction, July 2007

Reviewed date: 2009 Nov 2
144 pages
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Robert Silverberg needs to have his column taken away from him. Asimov's editor gives him free reign to write about anything he wants. This month he decided to mail it in. The entire column is based on some Google searches about Limbo. As in, the Catholic construct of an intermediate area existing in the boundary between heaven and hell. Silverberg offers nothing insightful, and he even admits to googling for information.

Sheila Williams's editorial was boring. None of the stories were much good. This is an abysmal issue. I don't regret letting my subscription lapse.

  • Novella: Fountain of Age, by Nancy Kress - Max Feder, a rich old criminal waiting to die, undertakes an adventure to find an old flame--a woman he once knew and loved: Daria, the rich widow whose body's bizarre tumors hold the secret of rejuvenation technology.
  • Novelette: The Sky Is Large and the Earth Is Small, by Chris Roberson - Cao Wen, a bureaucrat in Imperial China in the 1400's, interviews a recalcitrant political prisoner who is the only living member of the expedition to America.
  • Novelette: The Trial, by Brian Stableford - An experimental drug causes an Alzheimer's patient to regain too much memory, making him unable to block out repressed memories of horrors during the war.
  • Bullet Dance, by John Schoffstall - Daughter of a diplomat to Egypt is visited nightly by spirits who teach her the bullet dance, which later saves her life when she dodges an assassin's bullets.
  • Roxie, by Robert Reed - A man, his dying dog, and an asteroid on a collision course with Earth.
  • Congratulations from the Future!, by Michael Swanwick - A look back at 100 years of Asimov's, written from the future. It's meant to be funny. Laugh.

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