Asimov's Science Fiction, June 2007

Reviewed date: 2009 Jan 21
144 pages
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  • Novella: Alien Archaeology, by Neal Asher - "The time has come," Neal Asher said, "To talk of Prador things, Of Atheters and gabbleducks, And black AIs and an archaeologist named Rho who discovers an Atheter memstore which can be used to restore the mind of an Atheter (a race that long ago gave up sentience) and Rho's quest for revenge against Jael who steals the memstore from him."
  • Novelette: News from the Front, by Harry Turtledove - An alternate history of World War II, told in newspaper clippings. A skeptical and distrusting media ferrets out military secrets and helps the USA lose the war.
  • Three Days of Rain, by Holly Phillips - Oooh, an artistic story. A dying, scorched Earth supports a few people. The townsfolk must decide whether to stay put, or to turn off the well pumps and go elsewhere in search of water. The insufferably artistic romantic main character decides to stay put and die of thirst when the pumps are shut off.
  • Studies in the Field, by R. Neube - A lone researcher on an alien planet gets too attached to his subjects of study, and he wages a war against the other intelligent species on the planet.
  • Don't Stop, by James Patrick Kelly - A runner haunted by ghosts. Blech.
  • Tideline, by Elizabeth Bear - An old AI tank combs the beaches for beads to make memorial necklaces for her dead comrades.
  • Scrawl Daddy, by Jack Skillingstead - A young boy haunted by dreams is the discarded result of a genetic cloning experiment.
  • Marrying In, by Carrie Vaughn - A young bride returns to Colorado with her husband, where she discovers that her new family--not realizes what she gave up for her husband--thinks she married in just to get residency in Colorado.

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