Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2007

Reviewed date: 2007 Feb 16
144 pages
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  • Novella: Doctor Muffet's Island, by Brian Stableford - Sequel to The Plurality of Worlds from August 2006. The doctor sails off to discover Tahiti, but discovers that Sir Walter Raleigh and the cosmic spiders have discovered it already--and that they intend to cement an alliance between spiderkind and humankind against the insectoid races that rule the galaxy.
  • Novelette: Breeze From the Stars, by Mary Rosenblum - A young man tries out to be a rockhound, but is assigned to Dispatch duty, where the crazy old Dispatcher waxes poetic about how he must be one with the whole solar system.
  • Novelette: Public Safety, by Matthew Johnson - A ransom note declares "she dies on the thirteenth" but no ransom is demanded and nobody has been kidnapped. The city is in a panic to discover the truth.
  • The Lion, by Bruce McAllister - A man turns into a lion and kills people for their sins.
  • The Sanguine, by Jim Grimlsey - Dr. Morgan Horton goes in for his yearly mandated memory restoration, where he remembers for a few hours the memories that he consented to have expunged from his mind.
  • Babel 3000, by Colin P. Davies - Weird future world where the fad is using old words.
  • Chainsaw on Hand, by Deborah Coates - A story in second person, in a cold South Dakota winter, of a woman whose ex-husband claims to see angels.

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