Asimov's Science Fiction, December 2006

Reviewed date: 2007 Jan 2
144 pages
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  • Novella: Lord Weary's Empire, by Michael Swanwick - Fleeing from his enemies, Will falls in with Lord Weary's gang. They live underground in abandoned subways and tunnels, and Lord Weary has assembled his Army of Night to fight against the cruel top-worlders. Will quickly rises to second in command, but he doubts Lord Weary's intentions.
  • Novelette: Yellow Card Man, by Paolo Bacigalupi - Tranh ekes out an existence as a refugee in Thailand after Malaysia expels all the Chinese.
  • Plausible, by Robert Reed - A young boy buys a lottery ticket, watches a parade, rides Lord Dullen, and wins the lottery.
  • Immunity, by Susan Forest - During deadly flu outbreak in a mining colony, Trine rations the limited medicine supply. She breaks her own rules by stealing medicine for her sick daughter.
  • Safe!, by Brian W. Aldiss - Raff Darnley, first man on Ganymede, goes insane and sends condescending broadcasts back to Earth, criticizing humanity and declaring it a farce.
  • A Dying Fall, by Christopher Priest - A man falls onto the tracks in a subway station, has flashbacks and relives alternate lives, alternately living or dying on the tracks depending on his life experiences.
  • The Golden Record, by Holly Phillips - A prospector recovers Voyager II, but the plans to donate it to a museum run into a hitch when the United States (which now exists only as a gift shop and historical society in Hawaii) sues for the return of its property.

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