Asimov's Science Fiction, February 2006

Reviewed date: 2006 Feb 23
143 pages
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  • Novelette: Under the Graying Sea, by Jonathan Sherwood - A routine trip through a star bridge turns dangerous when Tessa gets to the other side and discovers the gate is in the inexorable grasp of a black hole.
  • Novelette: Unbending Eye, by Jim Grimsley - A lovecraftian tale of a man who dies and is resurrected by a curious group of scientist, who poke him and prod him and kill him and revive him again until he escapes.
  • Novelette: Teen Angel, by R. Garcia Y Robertson - Deirdre, drop-dead gorgeous, is kidnapped by slavers. At age 18 she is the personal servant of the slaver leader Konar, but now it appears the Navy is about to destroy Konar and his slaver operation once and for all--and Konar seems determined that Deirdre will go down with him.
  • Change of Life, by Kat Meltzer - Glinda and millions of other women are suddenly growing tails, fur, and turning into a new kind of creature.
  • Are You There, by Jack Skillingstead - Detective Deatry captures a serial killer with clues from the killer's mother's engramatic template.
  • The Hastillan Weed, by Ian Creasey - Gardener and volunteers dig up blackweed, an alien plant that threatens to take over the countryside. One of the volunteers is an alien Hastillan, and the gardener wonders why she's come to help.
  • Kin, by Bruce McAllister - A twelve-year-old boy hires an alien contract killer to assassinate the government man who has decreed his unborn sister must be aborted.

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