Asimov's Science Fiction, April/May 2005

Reviewed date: 2005 Jul 13
240 pages
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I'm noticing an interesting trend in science fiction. It's still American-centric, but it's much more diverse. In particular, many stories have a strong Latino influence. That makes sense considering the changing population of the United States (and face it, science fiction has historically been and still largely is an American phenomenon.)

  • Novella: Solidarity, by Walter Jon Williams - Sula organizes a secret resistance militia to fight the occupying Naxids.
  • Novella: Shadow Twin, by Gardner Dozois, George R. R. Martin, and Daniel Abraham - Ramon Espejo prospects for ore. One site he blasts uncovers an alien artifact, and he's captured by aliens.
  • Novelette: Dark of the Sun, by William Barton - The sun darkens and Earth freezes to death. Most people don't know what's happening, but two friends who know the score gather all the equipment they can find to try and survive the atmosphere-freezing temperatures.
  • Novelette: Dallas: An Essay, by Robert Reed - Writer spends a summer in Texas listening to the strange stories of his friend Dallas.
  • Mason's Rats, by Neal Asher - Rats discover tools.
  • La Gran Muerte, by Liz Williams - Ghost of dead illegal immigrant haunts El Paso.
  • Down Memory Lane, by Mike Resnick - Gwendolyn's mind disintegrates and at 80 she has the intellectual capacity--and memories--of a four-year-old child. Her husband is determined that despite her condition, he will do whatever it takes to ensure they still have something in common.
  • California King, by Michael J. Jasper and Greg van Eekhout - Our superhero, the King of California, who secretly protects the people from criminals, must face his father in an ultimate showdown. This is one of those artsy stories.
  • Bean There, by Jack Skillingstead - Aliens come to earth as harbingers of accelerated evolution, and suddenly people can do supernatural things like autotelekinesis.
  • Lover of Statues, by Ian Watson - An alien calling itself Love of Statues comes to earth and tours the planet looking at famous statues.
  • They Will Raise You In a Box, by Wil McCarthy - Three-page story about (I think) a sentient organic computer created by mankind.

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