Asimov's Science Fiction, March 2005

Reviewed date: 2005 Jul 10
143 pages
cover art

Altogether there weren't many good stories in this issue. The Fraud, despite being the cover story, is predictable and boring. The Wave-Function Collapse is disappointing. Organs R Us is a decent story, and Tk'tk'tk is an interesting view of an alien culture. The rest of the stories are unremarkable.

  • Novelette: The Fraud, by Esther M. Friesner - Woman claims to be bearing the child of a unicorn.
  • Novelette: The Dodo Factory, by Lori Selke - Genetic engineers bring the dodo back from extinction, but the patrons of the experiment must find a way to make it profitable.
  • Novelette: Green Shift, by Mary Rosenblum - Ahni Huang travels to the New York Up space station to even the score with her brother's killers, the Krator family.
  • The Card, by Gene Wolfe - A man is haunted by a "saint card" (like a baseball card) that hints at what kind of a man he could have been, had he not chosen evil.
  • Tk'tk'tk, by David D. Levine - A salesman on an alien planet tries to sell software solutions, but his potential clients don't seem to be playing by any human rules of business logic.
  • The Wave-Function Collapse, by Steven Utley - Time traveler wants to "slip" into a parallel universe where his wife is still alive.
  • The Devil You Don't, by Matthew Hughes - If you had the chance to nip World War II in the bud, would you do so?
  • Organs R Us, by R. Neube - An organ dealer helps a local sheriff track down a murderer.
  • Bright Red Star, by Bud Sparhawk - A military task force is sent to deal with farmers who won't evacuate a planet being attacked by alien Shards.

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