Asimov's Science Fiction, February 2005

Reviewed date: 2005 Jul 9
143 pages
cover art

  • Novelette: The 120 Hours of Sodom, by Jim Grimsley - Rich man puts on suicide-themed party, complete with an actual licensed suicide.
  • Novelette: Angel Kills, by William Sanders - Pilots in acrobatic planes armed with light-guns protect commercial aircraft from attack by fragile alien angels.
  • Novelette: Polyhedrons, by Robert A. Metzger - Incomprehensible. Why does Asimov's insist on publishing these crummy "artsy" stories?
  • Novelette: Oxygen Rising, by R. Garcia Y Robertson - Genetically modified Gekkos and humans fight over the planet Harmonia, which is now the property of the Greenies (Photo sapiens, another human-based race.)
  • The Two Old Women, by Kage Baker - Magic brings a drowned man back from his watery grave. But the sea is angry.
  • Parachute Kid, by Edd vick - Time-traveling fire-fighter.
  • Dead Men On Vaction, by Leslie What - Ghost of a Holocaust victim.

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