Asimov's Science Fiction, August 2004

Reviewed date: 2004 Aug 21
143 pages
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A couple of good stories (Chicken Soup, Collateral Damage, Following Orders) in this collection, otherwise not noteworthy.

  • Novelette: A Hint of Jasmine, by Richard Parks - Good story about ghosts inhabiting an old Civil War house.
  • The Gods of a Lesser Creation, by William Barton - Incomprehensible stupid story about manufactured life.
  • Following Orders, by R Neube - Good story about a war criminal.
  • Moon Wolf, by Tanith Lee - Incomprehensible story about crazy moon werewolves.
  • Collateral Damage, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch - A good old story about The Man Who Teaches War to Children. This is the kind of story in the grand tradition of Golden Age science fiction.
  • Transplant, by Jack Skillingstead - So-so story of a man cursed with immortality.
  • The Guardian, by Meredith Simmons - Good story of a primitive island tribe who believe their island is the only one in the world.
  • Yard Sale, by Kit Reed - After their father's death, sisters try to sell their dad's junk and escape from the memories of life with him.
  • Chicken Soup for Mars and Venus, by Matthew Jarpe - Great story. Attacked by space pirates en route to Mars!!!

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