by Isaac Asimov
Reviewed date: 2004 Jan 15
Rating: 3
386 pages
cover art

Asimov is the master of science fiction, and it shows in Nemesis. No, Nemesis is not a great book: it is poorly paced, the characters are wooden, the dialog is dull, and the surprise finish doesn't live up to the expectations Asimov builds. But despite all those flaws--and despite a boring plot--Asimov somehow turns Nemesis into an enjoyable book. How he does it is a mystery to me. Nemesis is still one of Asimov's weakest novels, so I don't recommend it. There are plenty of other good Asimov novels out there, so go read one of them instead. I suggest you read Asimov's Empire novels or his Robot novels. Or then of course there is his classic Foundation trilogy--which spans seven books now, I believe. (But the first three are the best.)

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