Foundation and Earth

by Isaac Asimov
Series: Foundation 5
Reviewed date: 2020 Jun 26
Rating: 3
494 pages
cover art

OK but not great. It was a mistake for Asimov to tie the Foundation series and Robot series together. In Foundation and Earth, Golan Trevize, Dr. Janov Pelorat, and Bliss travel the galaxy searching for Earth, the fabled planet of origin. Once they get there--which involves a long but perfunctory search--they find R. Daneel Olivaw. He's the puppet master. He invented psychohistory, he manipulated Hari Seldon, he created Gaia, he pushed mankind here and pulled there. Everything I rather liked about psychohistory is destroyed by this revelation.

Asimov is a talented writer and his books are easy reading and enjoyable. But give this one a pass. Let's all pretend that Robots and Foundation are two separate universes.

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