Science Fiction Curriculum Review

Arcturus IV Case Study

by John E. Arnold
Reviewed date: 2023 Jan 5
114 pages
cover art
cover art

This is fantastic. It's not exactly fiction, it's not non-fiction. What is it? It's science-fiction-themed course material from MIT professor John E. Arnold, designed to teach creative thinking to engineering students. It generated a lot of buzz at the time and Arnold even got to write up a fact article about it for the May 1953 issue of Astounding Science Fiction. The Eggomobile from the case study was featured on the magazine cover art.

It's a shame this piece of history is not well remembered. I stumbled across it because I'm on a project to read every work of science fiction that has the word Arcturus in the title.

The Internet Archive has two versions: a scanned copy of the bound 1953 version and a digitized cleaned-up edition with index, full notes, introduction by son John E. Arnold, Jr., and a copy of the Astounding article by professor Arnold.

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