Dialogue With Darkness

by Poul Anderson
Reviewed date: 2005 Feb 26
320 pages
cover art

A collection of eight Anderson short stories.

  • A Chapter of Revelation: As the US and China play a dangerous game of nuclear chicken over Korea, Louis Habib commands the sun to stand still for 24 hours.
  • Sister Planet: A scientist at a research outpost on Venus has reason to believe that the native cetoids have human-level intelligence.
  • The Life of Your Time: As the spaceship speeds up to lightspeed on the way to Tau Ceti, the crew realizes that their bodies are subject to the relativistic effects of time--but their minds are not.
  • Time Heals: Terminally ill man is cryogenically frozen. When he is awakened and cured, he finds a culture so alien he may not be able to survive.
  • SOS: The East plans a sneak attack on the West, in the name of uniting the world to meet the challenge of the Earth's dwindling magnetic field.
  • Conversations in Arcady: Man return from an interstellar exploration voyage, bringing news of colonizable planets. They find that Earth is no longer interested.
  • Dialogue: The settlers on the planet Arcadia use their FTL radio to talk to Earth. Political wrangling on both sides enables the President of Arcadia to build an FTL transmitter and use it to try to contact other intelligent civilizations.
  • The Communicators: The Communicators guild holds the secret key to unlocking the code that has been used to communicate with an extra-solar civilization. But something that the alien civilization has sent is so frightening that the Communicators want to withhold it from the public.

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