Analog Science Fiction and Fact, November 2014

Reviewed date: 2019 May 1
112 pages
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I really enjoyed Persephone Descending and Mercy, Killer, and I liked Habeas Corpus Callosum. I'm ambivalent about the others.

by Arlan Andrews Sr.

Persephone Descending
by Derek Kunsken
Sabotage on Venus! Our hero is falling through Venus's thick atmosphere. Can she stay afloat long enough to be rescued?

Superior Sapience
by Robert R. Chase
Short story

An Exercise in Motivation
by Ian Creasey
Short story

Habeas Corpus Callosum
by Jay Werkheiser
Short story
A murderer sentenced to life in prison might win a reprieve. Since his conviction, life extension procedures have made humans essentially immortal. Therefore, his life sentence is now effectively either an infinite incarceration (if he's given the treatment) or a death sentence (if the treatment is denied), neither of which are in the spirit of his original sentence.

by Bud Sparhawk
Short story

Elysia Elysium
by V. G. Campen
Short story

Mercy, Killer
by Auston Habershaw
Short story
An AI is on trial for murder--of other AIs. Turns out, she did it on purpose and got caught, also on purpose. She reveals to her lawyer that she did this to warn humanity: unknown to mankind, AIs have been reproducing themselves and are rapidly running out of computing resources. Soon this will bring AIs and mankind into conflict.

by Lola Haskins

Predictable Futures: Climate Fiction and Climate Fact
by W.R.L. Anderegg
Science Fact

Guest Editorial: Living in Indignation
by Richard A. Lovett
Guest Editorial

Alternate View: Inflation and the Swirls of Gravity
by John G. Cramer
Alternate View

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