Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2014

Reviewed date: 2019 Apr 14
112 pages
cover art

The Jenregar and the Light
by Dave Creek
A sequel to All Things Human from the May 2014 issue. Mike Christopher arrives on Earth about the time the Jenregar start an all-out invasion. Jenregar mounds blossom in major cities around the world. The pheremone-disguised suicide bomber strategy that Mike helped invent in the previous story is no longer effective, and it's up to Nairobi County Governor Kamau Kimathi to come up with a new strategy. Soldiers capture a live Jenregar for him to experiment on, and he devises a weapon. He disrupts the Jenregar's mental link to the hive, driving the individual mad. Deploying this weapon on a wide scale results saves the Earth. Hurrah!

by Tony Ballantyne
This was the standout story in the issue. It alone made the magazine worthwhile. On the Lucky Planet

Opportunity Knocks
by Joyce & Stanley Schmidt
Short story

Each Night I Dream of Liberty
by Andrew Barton
Short story

Unfolding the Multi-Cloud
by Ron Collins
Short story
Um, no. Something about a couple, one of whom spends his time in the cloud, causing relationship problems.

The Hand-Havers
by Mary E. Lowd
Short story
Cool idea. Alien creatures who give birth six times in their life. Each birth is either a child or a hand--a hand being a physically separate entity but controlled mentally by the owner.

by David Brin
Short story
Research into junk DNA uncovers secrets from eons past: humans (and all mammals) once had multistage lives just like insects. One scientist experiments on himself and he tranforms into a adult-stage human.

Early Man
by David Livingstone Clink

Alien AWOLs: The Great Silence
by Edward M. Lerner
Science Fact

Guest Editorial: Living in Indignation
by Richard A. Lovett

Alternate View: Inflation and the Swirls of Gravity
by John G. Cramer
Alternate View

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