Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2013

Reviewed date: 2014 Jan 16
112 pages
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  • Novella: "Lune Bleue" by Janet Catherine Johnston - Two scientists are sent to the lunar SETI station, where their biggest problems are a psychotic homicidal crew member, and nuclear missiles launched at them by the Chinese.
  • Novelette: "Sixteen Million Leagues From Versailles" by Allen M. Steele - Rescuing a valuable French vase that was sent to Mars as part of a travelling art exhibit.
  • Novelette: "Following Jules" by Ron Collins - A girl's true love uploads herself into the online game world.
  • Short story: "Putting Down Roots" by Stephen R. Wilk - One way of looking at it is that humans becoming farmers was yeast's way of surviving--because farming means grain, grain means beer, and beer requires yeast.
  • Short story: "Things We Have In This House For No Reason" by Marissa K. Lingen - A girl doesn't understand why her family keeps "junk" around the house (it's survival gear.)
  • Short story: "At The Peephole Palace" by William R. Eakin - A successful advertising man is arrested at the peep show--for watching stars.
  • Short story: "Fear of Heights in the Tower of Babel" by Carl Frederic - An AI professor who is afraid of heights is called to negotiate with an elevator in Europe's tallest building. The elevator, it seems, has gone crazy and taken hostages.
  • Short story: "Conscientious Objectors" by Jay Werkheiser - After the war between America and China, the biggest US problem is Beidelman's syndrome: a visiting Chinese scientist thinks the Americans' brain implants are involved, but the Americans dismiss her ideas.
  • Science Fact: "Alien Worlds: Not In Kansas Any More" by Edward M. Lerner -

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