Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2013

Reviewed date: 2013 Apr 1
112 pages
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I'm enjoying the serial Dark Secret, but didn't find any of the other stories likable. The Last Clone had a good idea, but the story wrapped around it is unsatisfactory.

  • Serial (1 of 4): "Dark Secret" by Edward M. Lerner - A gamma-ray burst (GRB) extinguishes all life on Earth, and mankind's last hope is the six crewmembers of Endeavor--and their cargo of frozen embryos.
  • Novelette: "The Lost Bloodhound Sonata" by Carl Frederick - Everett Fox, whose specialty is olfactory research, has invented a kind of aroma piano--he makes music with smells--and it seems that this device may be the key to communicating with a newly-discovered life form that dwells in deep-sea caves.
  • Novelette: "Altruism, Inc." by Kyle Kirkland - Alexei Tate, private investigator, looks into a non-profit altruistic company that is using amitos--a commercial gene modification technology--to spread altruistic genes throughout humanity.
  • Short story: "The Skeptic" by Jennifer R. Povey - Aliens make first contact with a hardened skeptic who refuses to believe it's not an elaborate ruse, and decide that mankind clearly isn't ready.
  • Short story: "The Last Clone" by Brad Aiken - Ezekiel Kuperman became wealthy by selling health insurance and then denying claims, cheated death by transfering his brain into a cloned body, and then came face-to-face with mortality when new technology made aging reversible--except in cloned bodies.
  • Short story: "Launch Window" by Sarah Frost - Misty follows her sister to LaGrange Station 5 to make one last attempt to dissuade her from embarking on an interstellar expedition.
  • Science Fact: "Alien Aliens: Beyond Rubber Suits" by Edward M. Lerner - What makes a fictional alien truly alien?

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