Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July/August 2012

Reviewed date: 2012 May 19
192 pages
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  • Novella: Nightfall on the Peak of Eternal Light, by Richard A. Lovett & William Gleason - An assassin follows Drew Ziegler to the moon.
  • Novella: The Conquest of the Air, by Rob Chilson - An asteroid mining operation is in jeopardy when an intelligent native species is discovered on one of the system's planets; now the company must negotiate a treaty and buy the rights to the minerals in the asteroids.
  • Novelette: Sam Below Par, by Ben Bova - Eccentric billionaire builds a golf course and hosts a tournament on the moon--all to generate publicity for his new, lighter spacesuits
  • Novelette: The Mutant Stag at Horn Creek, by Sarah K. Castle - A ranger takes her niece on a hike through the Grand Canyon, hoping to recruit her to work in the Park Service, but the girl is only interested in getting killer footage to put on her internet channel.
  • Novelette: To Save Man, by H.G. Stratmann - Aliens make first contact but find mankind too warlike, so they can either destroy humanity or change human nature.
  • Short story: The Song of Uullioll, by Gray Rinehart - A whale longs to seek the sun.
  • Short story: The North Revena Ladies Literary Society, by Catherine Shaffer - A secret society (think Asimov's Foundation) is compiling all the world's knowledge.
  • Short story: Red Rover, Red Rover, by Howard V. Hendrix - Crazy old man takes his augmented dog to Mars and feeds it drugs to make it dream.
  • Short story: Zeitgeist, Inc., by Carl Frederick - Conradin's startup is developing robots with special AI software, which has apparently been stolen by Chinese competitors.
  • Science Fact: Fluffy Impact: What LCROSS Found When It Hit the Moon, by Richard A. Lovett -
  • Special Feature: Real Talk: The Fine Art of Writing Dialog, by Richard A. Lovett - Write dialog like people talk--except better.
  • Short-short: Donner Summit, by Harry Turtledove - Humans make first contact with delicious aliens, and eat them.

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