Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2012

Reviewed date: 2012 May 19
112 pages
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  • Novelette: Crooks, by Paul Carlson - Something about robots and stealing loaded big rigs.
  • Novelette: Food Chained, by Carl Frederick - Elliot, Boris, and Mark explore a new planet, and two of them get eaten by intelligent trees for their trouble.
  • Short story: Titanium Soul, by Catherine Shaffer - Connie is a sociopath, and in an attempt to fit in with normal people, undergoes an operation to implant an artificial conscience.
  • Short story: A Murmuration of Starlings, by Joe Pitkin - Starlings attempt to make contact with mankind.
  • Short story: An Ounce of Prevention, by Jerry Oltion - A mother feeds her daughter versa cakes to erase her memory of bad things--like her grandfather's visit.
  • Short story: The Fine Print, by Michael Alexander - Meteorite contains artificial chemical evidence of intelligent life.
  • Short story: Darwin's Gambit, by Emily Mah - An agoraphobic teenage girl saves a dozen kids when their spaceship crashes.
  • Short story: A Reasonable Expectation of Privacy, by N.M. CedeƱo - A private detective in a surveillance-dominated society solves a case in which a secretive woman is murdered by her neighbors because they figure she's hiding something.
  • Science Fact: Is the Moon a Babel Fish?, by John Gribbin - The moon is unusual, and it may explain much of what is unique about Earth.

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