Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2012

Reviewed date: 2012 Mar 7
112 pages
cover art

  • Serial: Triggers, part IV of IV, by Robert J. Sawyer - An assassin shoots President Seth Jerrison during a speech, and while at the hospital, an experiment elsewhere in the building goes haywire and accidentally links the President into a telepathic mind-reading chain. With top-secret military operation mere hours away, a spy reading the President's thoughts could be catastrophic for national--and world--security.
  • Novella: The End of Ordinary Life, by Daniel Hatch - Alaskan bush pilot gets himself into trouble with the Department of Homeland Security before being rescued by Canadian defense forces, and also there's a weird alien entity that contributes nothing to the story.
  • Short story: But It Won't Set You Free, by Tracy Canfield - Kim and Harvinder try to figure out which of the species on Alepou is the intelligent, but the intelligent species seems to be deliberately hiding.
  • Short story: Lobstersaurus, by Eric James Stone - Colonist girl raises a baby lobstersaurus, it saves her life.
  • Science Fact: Space Weather: The Latest Forecast, by H.G. Stratmann - Space is full of nasty, deadly radiation from the sun.

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