Analog Science Fiction and Fact, April 2012

Reviewed date: 2012 Feb 2
112 pages
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Triggers is awesome. It's my favorite serial ever.

  • Serial: Triggers, part III of IV, by Robert J. Sawyer - An assassin shoots President Seth Jerrison during a speech, and while at the hospital, an experiment elsewhere in the building goes haywire and accidentally links the President into a telepathic mind-reading chain. With top-secret military operation mere hours away, a spy reading the President's thoughts could be catastrophic for national--and world--security.
  • Novelette: The Most Invasive Species, by Susan Forest - Colonists break Alliance policy of non-interference in order to rescue some native children from an abusive family environment--but their help turns out to be harmful, as the children require physical abuse in order to properly develop their cognitive and neurological abilities.
  • Novelette: Ecce Signum, by Craig DeLancey - A generation of children genetically modified to care about the future of the human race is being targeted by professional assassins.
  • Short story: A Delicate Balance, by Kevin J. Anderson - A colony living on the edge practices extreme population control: a baby is born, and adult must die. Unexpected twins.
  • Short story: You Say You Want a Revolution, by Jerry Oltion - Human morals about not eating children cause social upheaval and the collapse of an alien civilization. Now those aliens are back and determined to return the favor.
  • Short story: Follow-Up, by Stephen L. Burns - A doctor uses advanced experimental technology to fix up patients, but those in control are keeping her unaware that she is operating on the same patient over and over.
  • Science Fact: Planets (Oops, Planetoids) X, Y, Z, and W: What the Kuiper Belt Teaches About the Dawn of the Solar System, by Richard A. Lovett - The composition of the Kuiper Belt shakes up some established conceptions of solar system formation.
  • Short-short: To Serve Aliens (Yes, It's a Cookbook), by Eric James Stone - Delicious concoctions of alien plants and animals, served to humans to render them servile and suggestible.

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