Analog Science Fiction and Fact, March 2012

Reviewed date: 2012 Jan 10
112 pages
cover art

I'm getting really interested in Triggers, but the rest of the stories in this issue of Analog missed the mark. The "mark" is whatever pleases me at the moment.

  • Serial: Triggers, part II of IV, by Robert J. Sawyer - An assassin shoots President Seth Jerrison during a speech, and while at the hospital, an experiment elsewhere in the building goes haywire and accidentally links the President into a telepathic mind-reading chain. With top-secret military operation mere hours away, a spy reading the President's thoughts could be catastrophic for national--and world--security.
  • Novelette: The Ediacarian Machine, by Craig DeLancey - A machine is found encased in Ediacarian (i.e., Precambrian) rock, and explored with remote-control micro-robots.
  • Novelette: Upon Their Backs, by Kyle Kirkland - Six naked bodies, perfectly preserved in apparent suspended animation, are discovered in a cave--then two escape from the morgue.
  • Short story: Mother's Tattoos, by Richard A. Lovett - Would you sell your soul and get a terrorist-detecting tattoo in exchange for a monthly stipend?
  • Short story: Ernesto, by Alec Nevala-Lee - People are being cured of cancer after visiting a holy site in Spain during the Spanish Civil War; it appears to be a miracle complete with the appearance of stigmata, but could it be just an erysipelas infection?
  • Science Fact: The Earth Dies Screaming: Radiation Threats from Beyond, by Adrian L. Melott - Maybe it was fluke radiation bombardments that are behind the extinction events in Earth's history: the data doesn't rule it out, and it is statistically probable.

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