Analog Science Fiction and Fact, December 2011

Reviewed date: 2011 Dec 30
112 pages
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  • Novelette: Ray of Light, by Brad R. Torgersen - Humanity ekes out an existence as refugees in undersea domes, until some brave teenagers risk it all in a mad attempt to break through the ice to the surface.
  • Novelette: The Impossibles, by Kristine Kathryn Rusch - Kerrie, a lawyer in the First Alliance Interspecies Court, is handed a case too good to be true: through a loophole, she may actually succeed in getting her client released without punishment.
  • Novelette: Not For Ourselves Alone, by Charles E. Gannon - A joint Russo-American force tries to fight off the invading Arat Kur, and in the initial skirmish near Jupiter, Sergei Andreyev discovers the Arat Kur's weakness--but can he transmit that information back to Earth in time?
  • Short story: Turning It Off, by Susan Forest - Safeties make accidents impossible, to the point where kids have no concept of basic realities like "when you drop something, it breaks."
  • Short story: Freudian Slipstream, by Brad Aiken - While in suspended animation during a rescue mission to a colony in trouble, Jackson Carr's mind is hard at work in a virtual reality, trying to come up with the cure the colonists need.
  • Short story: Hidden, by Kyle Kirkland - The military creates supergeniuses--brilliant men who burn bright and flame out young--and now one has taken control of a secret weapon.
  • Short story: Art For Splendor's Sake, by Dave Creek - Chanda Kasmira's job is to evacuate the inhabitants of Splendor, but the two intelligent species have religious and cultural objections to being evacuated to separate planets (no one planet being suitable for both species); meanwhile, an artist arrives on Splendor to do some vague artist things.
  • Science fact: Poisons, Temperature, and Climate Change: Will Global Warming Make Everything Else Worse?, by Richard A. Lovett - Higher temperatures will make toxins more toxic.

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