Analog Science Fiction and Fact, November 2011

Reviewed date: 2011 Sep 9
112 pages
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I very much enjoyed Chumbolone. Actually, all the stories were good.

  • Novella: With Unclean Hands, by Adam-Troy Castro - The pacifist Zinn species agrees to give Earth some fantastic technology in exchange for one human prisoner--a murderer--and Andrea Cort is the diplomatic officer whose job is to sign off on the transfer. But Andrea Cort has misgivings about the arrangement and resists pressure from her superiors to rubber-stamp the transfer.
  • Novelette: Ian, Isaac, and John, by Paul Levinson - A struggling musician takes a trip back in time to 1975--but not to warn John Lennon, oh no, he certainly isn't going to do that.
  • Novelette: The Boneless One, by Alec Nevala-Lee - The yacht Lancet comes up a giant school of bioluminescent octopuses that blink in strange patterns, and soon, the crew of the Lancet begin to self-mutilate.
  • Short story: Dig Site, by Jack McDevitt - A crew digging up a parking lot stumbles upon an ancient statue, which has a very non-ancient sort of smooth armor that suggests an advanced technology.
  • Short story: The Buddy System, by Don D'Ammassa - A super-computer that can analyze and predict world economic and social systems (think Multivac) ends up causing a major worldwide depression.
  • Short story: Rocket Science, by Jerry Oltion - A backyard rocket scientist makes it into space, but is upstaged in the media by some chump who attached balloons to his chair and floats by his launch site.
  • Short story: Chumbolone, by Bill Johnson - The president cannot win reelection without Illinois, he can't win Illinois without Chicago, he can't win Chicago without the cemetery vote, and he can't get that without pardoning the mayor's nephew--or can he?
  • Science fact: Repairing a Broken Heart: Moving Beyond Electronic Pacemakers, by Richard B. Robinson, Ph.D. - Cutting-edge research into gene therapy to fix heart problems.

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