Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2011

Reviewed date: 2011 Aug 16
112 pages
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  • Serial (4 of 4): Energized, by Edward M. Lerner - After the Crudepocalypse decimates OPEC, Russia's oil reserves make her a world superpower--power she will do anything to preserve when America threatens to replace Russian oil with cheap, plentiful electrical power beamed down to Earth from geosynchronous power satellites.
  • Novelette: Of Night, by Janet Catherine Johnston - The spaceship Zvezda Nochi slips out of this universe, and the crew begins disappearing one by one as each successive jump sends them further and further away from their home universe.
  • Short story: The Last of Lust, by Jerry Oltion - Religious fundamentalists release a plague that eliminates lust, leaving humanity exceedingly boring--and homosexual.
  • Short story: The Bullfrog Radio Astronomy Project, by Brad R. Torgersen - An eccentric billionaire funds a SETI transmitter, which draws the ire of intergalactic FCC.
  • Short story: The Lycanthropic Principle, by Carl Frederick - On the internet, nobody knows you're not a werewolf.
  • Short-short: The Sock Problem, by Alastair Mayer - Reversing the spin direction of the dryer causes lost socks to start reappearing.
  • Science fact: Lost in Space? Follow the Money, by Edward M. Lerner - Now that NASA's shuttle program is finished, what is the future is space exploration?

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