Analog Science Fiction and Fact, September 2011

Reviewed date: 2011 Aug 16
112 pages
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  • Serial (3 of 4): Energized, by Edward M. Lerner - After the Crudepocalypse decimates OPEC, Russia's oil reserves make her a world superpower--power she will do anything to preserve when America threatens to replace Russian oil with cheap, plentiful electrical power beamed down to Earth from geosynchronous power satellites.
  • Novelette: Therapeutic Mathematics and the Physics of Curve Balls, by Gray Rineheart - A natural telepathic young boy distracts his mind with mathematical computations to block out the painful cacophony of thoughts around him.
  • Novelette: Helix of Friends, by Carl Frederick - A university professor uses an experimental helix of friends to mindsurf into the mind of young boy tormented by a visitor from a parallel universe, in the hopes of healing him.
  • Short story: Hostile Environment, by Emily Mah - Two kids on Mars get in trouble when their dune-buggy antics with the station's rovers results in an unexpected explosion that destroys an unmanned weather station.
  • Short story: The Chaplain's Assistant, by Brad R. Torgersen - In a prisoner of war camp on a Mantis colony planet, the chaplain's assistant keeps the chapel open in the hopes that it will offer some comfort to the people; then one day, a Mantis comes to the chapel and asks to learn about God.
  • Short story: Asteroid Monte, by Craig DeLancy - A human and his alien partner investigate the disappearance (and likely theft) of plant-machine hybrid life forms in an isolated asteroid system.
  • Science fact: Shake, Rattle, and Roll: Is Missouri Really America's Most Dangerous Earthquake Zone?, by Richard A. Lovett - Everyone knows about California's propensity to earthquakes, but there's some geological and historical evidence for an even bigger earthquake threat in Missouri.

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