Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2010

Reviewed date: 2010 Aug 23
112 pages
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I am finally caught up on my Analog reading.

  • Novella: The Rift, by John G. Hemry - The alien Izkop natives massacre the civilians studying their planet, and the military rescue force tries to survive against an onslaught while figuring out what cultural misunderstanding prompted the Izkop to turn violent.
  • Novelette: Midwife Crisis, by Dave Creek - A woman is injected into a large whale-like alien so she can precisely deliver medicine that will save the alien's baby.
  • Novelette: The Great Galactic Ghoul, by Allen M. Steele - What happened to the six inhabitants of an asteroid? Turns out to be related to free-climbing.
  • Novelette: Ghosts Come Home, by Justin Stanchfield - A pilot is reunited with the woman he has been genetically engineered to love. Just one hitch: he's happily married with a baby on the way.
  • Short story: The Whole Truth Witness, by Kenneth Schneyer - How do you win in court when the other side has a witness who is literally incapable of lying?
  • Short story: The Alien at the Alamo, by Arlan Andrews - An alien quizzes a human about music to see if humans have evolved any real intelligence.
  • Short story: Never Saw it Coming, by Jerry Oltion - A PR nightmare after a near-Earth asteroid is discovered prompts a global spending spree as people determine to enjoy their final year of life, which lifts the world into economic recovery.
  • Science fact: Visit to the Forgotten Planet: What Scientists are Learning as Messenger Prepares to Orbit Mercury, by Richard A. Lovett - We know very little about Mercury.

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