Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2010

Reviewed date: 2010 Aug 9
112 pages
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  • Novelette: The Anunnaki Legacy, by Bond Elam - Liz is on the trail of Annunaki artifacts on the planet Slag, but Superintendent Cantrell of the Consortium is keen on chopping up the planet for valuable natural resources.
  • Novelette: Space Aliens Taught My Dog to Knit!, by Jerry Oltion & Elton Elliott - A paranoid UFO chaser penetrates the conspiracy--there really are aliens, and there is a widespread conspiracy to hide that fact, and the lucky insiders live in a domed city on the far side of the moon and commute to Earth in flying saucers.
  • Novelette: Connections, by Kyle Kirkland - In a world ruled by the totalitarian United Bureaus that control all aspects of life even down to people's diet, Ellam K. Troy investigates the death of scientist Arden Kirst.
  • Short story: Heist, by Tracy Canfield - A self-aware computer AI manipulates an online game in order to manipulate a gamer into helping the AI escape to Finland, where AIs are considered legal persons.
  • Short story: At Last the Sun, by Richard Foss - An environmental tragedy renders large sections of the ocean dead and oxygen-less, which opens a path for intelligent anaerobic creatures from the deep sea to explore up to the surface.
  • Short story: A Time for Heroes, by Edward M. Lerner - A professional game tester realizes he is an AI trapped in a computer game.
  • Short story: Cargo, by Michael F. Flynn - After the fall of civilization, when stores are considered evil, Uncle Nob wonders whether stores and commerce really are evil.
  • Short-short: Light Conversation, by Alastair J.W. Mayer - Conversation with intelligent refrigerator mold.
  • Science Fact: Der Mann, Die Frau, Das Kind, by Henry Honken - Languages with gender are common, and there can be many more than two gender classes.

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