Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2009

Reviewed date: 2010 Jun 29
112 pages
cover art

This isn't a bad issue. I enjoyed Where the Winds are All Asleep, and An Idea Whose Time Had Come is a rarity--an actually funny science fiction story. I find it amusing when the President's Chief of Staff argued with a tech support drone from India about whether the President was under a service contract. The rest of the stories were OK; not great, but not bad either.

  • Novella: Where the Winds are All Asleep, by Michael F. Flynn - Spelunking biologists disprove the monogenesis hypothesis by finding silicon-based life deep inside the earth.
  • Novelette: Shallow Copy, by Jesse L. Watson - A young genius creates a true self-aware AI and initializes its personality using his friend's diary.
  • Novelette: An Idea Whose Time Had Come, by Robert Grossbach - Disaster strikes when the AI President of the United States freezes up and has to be rebooted.
  • Novelette: Cold Words, by Juliette Wade - Rulii negotiates with the humans to build a spaceport, but his ulterior motive is to gain Rank advantage for his downtrodden Lowlander clan.
  • Short story: The Hanged Man, by William Gleason - Horror story about a man who left his partner for dead at the hands of the alien b'reath.
  • Short story: Teddy Bear Toys, by Carl Frederick - Story within a story about a young man who hides inside a game store to buy a game on release day.
  • Short story: In the Autumn of the Empire, by Jerry Oltion - The emperor is never wrong, so whatever he says must become the truth--even if that means changing the tilt and orbit of the earth.
  • Science Fact: The Psychology of Space Travel, by Nick Kanas, M.D. - Some statistics about the psychological effects of long-term space missions.

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