Analog Science Fiction and Fact, October 2007

Reviewed date: 2010 Feb 15
144 pages
cover art

There were some great stories in this issue. I particularly enjoyed A Bridge in Time, although it was predictable. On the Quantum Theoretic Implications of Newton's Alchemy was fun, especially the ending: the mathematician employs a function with a periodic discontinuity instead of a proper bounded function, thereby causing all the world's lead to turn to gold--not just the lead within a small defined radius as expected. An Angelheaded Hipster Escapes strikes me as a prologue to a story, not a story in itself. Just as things were warming up and it was starting to get interesting, it abruptly ended. I am left unsatisfied and cheated, but begging for more.

  • Novella: An Angelheaded Hipster Escapes, by Daniel Hatch - Jonathan Bender, a brain-in-a-jar relic of the 20th century, engineers his escape from servitude, only to get caught up in petty local politics with the young girl who rescues him.
  • Novelette: El Dorado, by Tom Ligon - A comet miner finds El Dorado, the motherlode core of a busted-up planet, and then abandons his treasure to sacrifice his life by deflecting a Bussard ramjet weapon sent by alien religious fanatics to wipe out the human "corruption of creation, abomination of the Word."
  • Novelette: The Hangingstone Rat, by Barry B. Longyear - Jaggers (a police detective) and Shad (his duck partner) check out a dead rat, but it's trap set to kill Shad.
  • Short story: A Bridge in Time, by Joseph P. Martino - Time gates allow the police to shunt traffic back through time to use a bridge before it has been torn down for replacement, but they suspect someone is exploiting this to commit Time Crime by sending back stock market data.
  • Short story: Virus Changes Skin, by Ekaterina Sedia - A woman elects to undergo virus therapy to change her skin back to her natural black, which her parents had changed to white when she was a child.
  • Short story: On the Quantum Theoretic Implications of Newton's Alchemy, by Alex Kasman - A mathematics grad student takes a job working for a chemistry professor who is convinced that Newton's experiments into alchemy were on the right track.
  • Science fact: Nanotech Rocket Fuel, by Stephen L. Gillett, Ph.D. - Lots of boring chemistry talk about rocket fuels, but what this has to do with nanotech is beyond me.

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