Analog Science Fiction and Fact, June 2007

Reviewed date: 2008 Dec 26
144 pages
cover art

  • Serial (4 of 4): Queen of Candesce, by Karl Schroeder - Sequel to previously serialized Sun of Suns. Venera Fanning is castaway on Spyre, an immense relict city fully a dozen miles in diameter. With help from exiled Garth Diamandis, Venera works to find a way to escape Spyre so she can exact revenge on all her enemies.
  • Novella: The Sands of Titan, by Richard A. Lovett - A lost spacer crashes on Titan and must find a way to cross hundreds of kilometers to the science base; his only companion is his embedded AI.
  • Novelette: On the Bubble, by Rajnar Vajra - An invalid grandfather virtually goes to the fair with daughter and grand-daughter by a x-change hookup sprayed onto a helium balloon.
  • Short story: Father Hagerman's Dog, by Scott William Carter - Poor starving college student goes door-to-door selling robot dogs. They're the perfect pet, with all the good qualities of a dog and none of the bad.
  • Short story: A Zoo in the Jungle, by Carl Frederick - Two explorers on a combined Soviet-American moon mission discover an underground cavern with alien time-traveling equipment.
  • Short-short: Vectoring, by Geoffrey A. Landis - Bio-engineered bacterium will erase your memory and replace it with the memory of Dr. Amanda Quinn.
  • Science fact: Cryovolcanoes, Swiss Cheese, and the Walnut Moon, by Richard A. Lovett - Recent probes are giving us all sorts of information about the moons and rings of Saturn; there's a lot of tectonic activity that we don't understand.

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