Analog Science Fiction and Fact, May 2007

Reviewed date: 2008 Nov 24
144 pages
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OK, I'm way behind on my magazine reading. Part of it is pique. I got a few months behind in my reading. Then Analog decided to quit sending me my subscription, so I decided to quit reading. The unread issues on my shelf stayed unread. I still can't get Analog to own up to their mistake, so I'm done getting that magazine. I let my Asimov's subscription lapse too, but that's because the new Asimov's editor is too keen on fantasy. Analog I at least enjoyed; it's a shame.

  • Serial (3 of 4): Queen of Candesce, by Karl Schroeder - Sequel to previously serialized Sun of Suns. Venera Fanning is castaway on Spyre, an immense relict city fully a dozen miles in diameter. With help from exiled Garth Diamandis, Venera works to find a way to escape Spyre so she can exact revenge on all her enemies.
  • Novella: Damned if You Do, by Lee Goodlow - Skier stumbles upon an alien artifact that erases his memory; further investigations trigger an attack on Earth.
  • Novelette: Bambi Steaks, by Richard A. Lovett - A blue stater gets selected for an Exchange, and has to spend 30 days living in the body of a redneck hillbilly.
  • Short story: The Astronaut, by Brian Plante - A young boy discovers his neighbor is an astronaut's wife, and indulges in all sorts of fantasies about her.
  • Short story: A Higher Level of Misunderstanding, by Carl Frederick - Negotiations are derailed until the cultural liaison discovers that the alien diplomats are offended by a conference room that is too perfect.
  • Science fact: I Couldn't Read You, E.T., by Henry Honken - Could we learn to communicate with aliens?

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